Eland Bratwurst Sausages

Eland Bratwurst Sausages

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descriptionEland Bratwurst Sausage - 2 Lbs.

Our Eland Brätwurst Sausage is smoked. Fully Cooked. Ready to heat and serve. In Old German language, Brät = finely chopped meat, and Wurst = Sausage.

Our Eland Brätwurst Sausage is made exclusively from Wild Eland Meat under USDA inspection.

Each package Weighs approximately one Lb. 4 Links Per Package. Each Link weighs 4 Oz. or more.

Eland is superb; surprisingly tender and juicy for a free-ranging wild animal. It resembles lean free-range beef.

The eland meat is low in fat, and very juicy and tender. Eland contains about half the calories of beef and one-sixth the fat. Eland meat is 97% lean.

Eland Meat is a more healthy and more flavorful than any deer meat. There is probably more Omega-3 in Eland Meat than a piece of salmon because it is truly completely grass fed or brush fed meat.
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