Head On Suckling Pig Frozen 15 to 19 Lbs

Head On Suckling Pig Frozen 15 to 19 Lbs
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Product Description

When it comes to our suckling pigs, there is no finer suckling pig meat in the world than the traditional Spanish Cochinillo. Our suckling pigs are soft and tender meat literally melts in the mouth as the flavours dance around your tongue, delighting your senses with every forkful of this incredible delicacy.

Our suckling pigs are always kept with their mothers. This is the only old traditional farming method that stays true to the traditional practices from which the name suckling pig was derived.

Keeping things natural also delivers best pig meat with the finest flavor and texture, not to mention the crispiest crackling you've ever tasted, so we are serving a truly banquet worthy pig dish in the comfort of your own home,bbq party or at restaurant.

You will receive one frozen suckling pig, delivered with blue Ice and Dry Ice. If you are not using it straight away, store in the freezer. If you are, then you will need to thaw it in the fridge for at least 24 hours before cooking.

Serve with a glass of good red wine, roast potatoes and make a gravy with the pan juices. We Need two week in Advance to pick up at the store or ship online.

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