Rattle Snake Meat meat is light, chewy, and tender with a delicate flavor than rattlesnake meat.

Please watch your favorite cooking channel or YouTube video on how to cook and enjoy Rattlesnake meat. It's Your Responsibility before you buy rattlesnake is Legal in your State. We donít ship to California.

Rich Cut from the Rattlesnake meat so they're full of the flavor of real Rattlesnake meat. Their small size means they cook quickly and the neat shape makes them perfect for presenting at dinner parties.

Rich rattlesnake flavor in a rattlesnake meat

Quick to cook and look good on the plate

Top-quality, fully matured Rattlesnake meat

It is delicious, if you haven't tried it, you should.

Our Rattlesnake meat individually vacuums packed and shipped frozen in a protective insulated container.

Our Rattlesnake meat is prepared and packed under the supervision of both USDA and wild game rules to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality.

Rattlesnake 1 lb
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Rattlesnake meat  2-lbs
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