Rattlesnake 1 lb

Rattlesnake 1 lb
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Product Description

Rattlesnake has a very gamey flavor. Rattlesnake meat is very light and tender.

Please do not overcook the meat. Rattlesnake really is unique and needs to be tasted when cooked in a lightly spiced it is delicious if you haven't tried it, you should try it now. Each Rattle Snake Meat is chosen by hand at just the right size to guarantee you the Rattle Snake Meat, you can buy online.

Our butchers regularly handpick a selection of our Rattle Snake Meat and offer them at reduced prices exclusively for our online customers - chosen with value for money and versatility in mind without ever compromising on quality.

We guarantee that our Rattle Snake Meat, Arrives at you just as if you walked in and bought it in our store by shipping our Rattle Snake Meat to you in a special cooler and shipping box.

Call us for great family recipes or visit Youtube that will help you explore the wide variety of ways Rattle Snake Meat can be enjoyed. Forget searching online - buy game meats .com- Rattle Snake Meat.

Rattlesnake 1 lb

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